About Us

Tales and stories about friends are told time and again to kids, in order to let them understand the true meaning of friendship. Such stories help them know how precious true friends are. Some of the stories are timeless and have been told through generations. Our Rol, Bol and Pol are true friends from Childhood. They always stayed together and had tones of fun together.

Rol is the funny one , Bol is a the geek and Pol is just a good Friend. Pol had to leave the country for studies for a very long duration, Rol and Bol decided to call Pol everyday until they all come together.

Pol happily went this way to study. Rol and Bol start to miss Pol the second he was not around, as promised they called him every single day. They used yeah tel wow tel and were not able to find a good Telecom Services.

Rol n Bol decided to start a telecom company on there own so that they can talk to Pol any time they wanted. Soon they succeeded and found that there were a whole lot of people who were not happy with the telecom services. Rol n Bol start to offer there service to friends and family and soon enough they become famous.

Pol after some time return to the country and surprised Rol n Bol. Since then Rol n Bol have offered there service to everyone who want to talk to there loved ones. Finally Rol n Bol n Pol lived happily since.